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Founder’s Message on 15th August 2015

Independence Day of the Nation

Florafauna Science Foundation is a dream to be translated in the direction of enablingsociety to achieve health & nutrition through science. And the science force that we envisage is integrated knowledge that emerges from discoveries of agriculture, biology, chemistry and engineering leading to path of farm to pharma for societal health and life that is lived with smiles.

The mission that the foundation goes through the trails of villages lighted with science driven discoveries and creativity of minds to innovate and Create “Entrepreneurial Villages” (e-Villages) as technology translation platforms of science, knowledge and innovations (Ski) by enabling agriculture, health & nutrition as drivers of quality life, economy and growth of society.

On a broader horizon for the foundation to meet its objectives on this mission mode, I foresee the impact domains to be targeted as Farmers, Industry & Entrepreneurs, Institutions &Academia,  Business & Markets, Masses &Society and the Governments (States & Centre). Perhaps, we are a unique and first of its kind science foundation that has the widest diversity of backgrounds and expertise of the members and unity of thought to change lives through science! The members of the foundation will proactively identify the domain(s) to associate with for coordination domain(s).  Technology frontiers to envisioned are Health, Nutrition and Agriculture (HeNA) on the Secondary Agriculture-Biotechnology Platform.

I appeal to everyone associated with the foundation to contribute the Science, Knowledge and Innovations (SKI) components emerging from their minds and expertise involving diverse work areas and their linkages in the society. We can and must be on the “Networking Mode” to achieve objectives both through field and digital means without hesitation. Let’s dedicate and commit our mission to translate our inspiring force Dr APJ Abdul Kalam’s dream of prosperous and healthy nation that becomes role model for the planet to prosper !!