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ABOUT US : Objective

  1. Resourcing new discoveries in public domain of the scientific world relevant to health and nutrition through natural and agricultural products and processes on web-enabled platforms
  2. Creating public awareness among various sections and age groups of society for the importance and relevance of nutrition in preventive and curative healthcare through village level bodies and mass communication means
  3. Catalyzing science and technology outcome from laboratories (public or private) to masses for societal empowerment to be healthy and self-reliant
  4. Carrying out R&D in gap areas of nutrition and healthcare to develop processes, formulations and products for masses from flora & fauna at affordable costs
  5. To seek public and private funding for R&D and technology translation activities on project mode at national and global levels
  6. To collaborate with public sector organizations and industries for natural products R&D and technology dissemination in masses and rural areas
  7. To collaborate with private sector organizations and industries for natural products R&D and technology dissemination in masses and rural areas
  8. To network with voluntary organizations, NGOs, societies, associations and self-help groups for knowledge dissemination and skill development in health, agriculture and nutrition sectors
  9. Providing an information portal for rural entrepreneurship opportunities in health and nutrition sector through participatory role of willing educational institutions
  10. Identifying grass-root level innovations that can lead to products of nutrition for masses particularly to counter the menace of mal-nutrition in rural areas
  11. Training the unemployed youth and rural population for technological skills to become self-employed entrepreneurs in the postharvest technologies of secondary agriculture base micro-industries feeding health and nutrition sectors
  12. Training village level women into entrepreneurial ventures that can be taken up on shared part-time approach without affecting their home commitments
  13. Bringing in voluntarily willing industries into the network of entrepreneurially skilled villages (e-villages) with skilled population to create process outsourcing zones for industry in these sectors of agriculture, health and nutrition
  14. Training the trainers and linking educational institutions into agribiotech sector to perpetuate capabilities with multiplier effect in agro-entrepreneurship skills
  15. Linking the key players towards the Agro-Entrepreneurship Zones (AEZs) as the model for third world economy and prosperity and to be the model guide foundation for technology translation in rural and agro-based industries and helping government and global missions by all possible capabilities